An array of beautiful beaches, dazzling landscapes, stunning mountains and waterfalls of crystalline waters, lush vegetation, and the warmth and hospitality of our people, that’s what Dominican Republic is all about.

The country occupies two thirds of the island Hispaniola, shared with our sister republic of Haiti, to the west. With a total surface of 48,484 square kilometers (18,700 sq. miles) and a little more than 8 million inhabitants Dominican Republic is bathed by the soothing waters of the Caribbean Sea in the south and the Atlantic Ocean in the north.

The territory is divided in 32 provinces and the National District. Santo Domingo, the city capital, was founded 4th of August 1496 by Bartholomew Columbus.

Quick facts

  • Official language is Spanish.
  • Official religion is catholic.
  • Annual average temperature is 26 degrees Celsius
  • The local time never varies with the change of seasons.
  • The local currency is Dominican Peso (RD$).
  • The exchange rate may vary. At present time, US$1.00 equals RD$42.15; and 1 Euro equals RD$56.15
  • Local sales tax (ITBIS) is 18%. There is also an additional 10% for legal tips in restaurants and hotels.
  • Information on the web about our country can be obtained with the Ministry of Tourism at; with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at; and with the Central Bank at If you wish to get daily news, national and international, you can do so by logging in at or or
  • Airlines flying in and out of Dominican Republic: American Airlines, American Eagle, Aeropostal, Air Caraibes, Air France, Air Europa, Air Canada, ALM, Aserca, Avianca, Continental Airlines, Condor, Copa, Corsair, Delta Airlines, Finnair, Haapag Lloyd, Iberia, Jet Blue Airways, KLM, LAN, LIAT, LTU, Lufthansa, Martinair, Pullmantur, Spirit Airlines, US Airways, among others.